Monday, January 21, 2008


Make some more charcole drawings
those where nice
Take what you do, but make it ambiguous
it would be so profound

The best days of my life where spent
in the worst place I ever lived
it takes a certain crowd
to enjoy PBR with

Your work is narcacistic
but you get it
if your going where I think your going
its going to be huge

I tried to draw today
wound up makeing a grocery list
I wish it was like my earlier work
you know, funny.

its okay, I know your faking
it's just who you are
I had no choice
I didn't think you'd want me

I had a dream about you again
not the sexy kind
you where just an extra
your just so likeable

Your a mystery
no, you are
I wish I could get over
what you had to "go through"

I looked at my hands
and noticed I'm getting older
me and you forever
why can't you have faith in me?

your not a monster
would you like a back scratch?

have you done anything new
I'll get you something
when I get money
you don't have to

I wasn't trying to be mean
fuck with her and I'll kill you
I just came to get another drink

I don't get angry very often
push over
yes and no
one more please

you wouldn't be here if
we didn't like you
I just don't get it
your doing it again

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