Sunday, December 9, 2007

Crowbar and Screwdriver

Been thinking about feelings lately. Vibes. You know, hippie shit. I was reading the book Under the Feet of Jesus, which I'm sure you can googlebooks if you must know about it. It is a pretty simple read, with the central pun being achingly literal. Dearest child laborer, your birth certificate is under the feet of jesus, in the earth, boundless. Don't you see? You need no passports or visas! But uh...just in case, all of your documents are safe and sound under our jesus feet statue in the living room. Oh, duality.

Anyways, crowbar and screwdriver got brought up in the context of language. In particular, words being labeled as "functional."

God this is fucking incoherent. What it comes down to is crows don't get barred and the words 'screw' and 'drive' are both arbitrary, so why not just get to the essence of things with images and actions. Movies. Ta da. Good night.


Grant! said...

but, in the end, we will only ever think of images in terms of langauge, so we are doomed by our construct. Oh Lacan! you filthy brilliant bastard!

joe said...

if no language is present from frame one, and the story is good enough, i'd hope to move toward total immersion in the movie. when you try to recount the story, then you're fucked.