Saturday, November 24, 2007

From the Fields

We've spent an entire day editing, and the external hard drive crapped out. We now have gotten coffee, and we are redoing what we did. The levels of intimacy known are high.

I am tired of people who have the time to create things for themselves and do not. I am tired of asking people "What did you do this weekend?" and their answer is not, "I ran on three hours sleep because I was so busy," or "I did exactly what I wanted," or "I am doing my best," but "Nothing much."

Nude, from In Rainbows, actually is inspiring to me. It must be gut wrending for Thom to sing, but in some way I feel like he is singing to other people, to these people who do nothing much. It is separating. It is a good feeling, both scornful and contemptuous, beautiful and hinting at the sexual.

aaron's flickr.

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