Friday, October 5, 2007

The American Persuation

While reading up on the abstract exprestionists, I got to thinking about american art. As far as modernity goes, the Abstract Expressionists where the first thing we as a country had to contribute to the painting scene, and Buster Keaten and the cartoonists plowed their way neglected genius 20-30 years before. But what makes american art American? For example, in photography, the fashion industry took what was called a "Euopean" look and style, while Dorothea Lange's work was considered "American". Back to painting, Pollicks work was considered very american, while the work of the regional muralists where considered "Mexican". In my opinion, the difference lies with the youth and nature of our country, not to mention that we're a w.a.s.p. nest. Historically, we are a country of pioneers. We came, we conqured, and we built from the ground up. We are a country of go-geters, and we did it all with are own two hands. Our own. that's the key right their- individuality. I think a European style is based on a worldly (or otherworldly) beauity. The perfection of form with the constructionists, the glistening light of the impressionists, the crushing gravity of the world with the Romantics. Even the German expressionists, which was based on self-expression, revolved arround existential ideologies of the sublime, which is to say that it is connected reaction to the world, and theirfor closer to the romantics than they would like to admit. But I think american art revolves arround was has been carved out of this world, what we have made. Really, it's about freedom and monument. Freedom to work outside of all classical parameters, and a focus on the index's left by the artist. Anyway, food for thought.

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