Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tooth And Nail

Fighting with my teachers everyday about my work is becoming more than just tedious. If I don't find a way to justify my work, they have said that they will not show it in the gallery, and they will not let me graduate. So I have been working doublely hard not only to improve my work, but build up an armory of precident to validate myself as an artist "worthy" of an art degree from the University of idaho. A few pieces catch their eye, the above one being one of them. The problem is that I meant for all 21 images to be viewed as a single piece, but as I advance on repition and each panel becomes more affective, that dialouge is quickly disintigrating. Which is leading to problems. but, I am slowly working them out, and hopefuly will win me the approval of the counsel of elders and win me a cerimonial "thumbs up". But I just thought I'd let everyone know that dissaproval has shifted into censorship. So, Fuck Acadamia.

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