Monday, July 30, 2007

Post 100!

Let's Talk Music.

There's a few records that I think are absolutly incredable, but not enough people have given them a chance, so it's time for me to just go on and on and rant on how I fucking love these albums like my own children.

Against Me!- Reinventing Axel Rose: Unfortunatly, a case where their first album was their best, but at the same time, this is one reason this album is as genius as it is. This was a Swan Song for them. The album is not about politics (except for one song), it's about punk rock, and punk rockers, and how it's dead. The entire album is a wake for something that was great but died slowly and quietly, and a reflection of what that means for the people that grew up believing in this movement with only hope and the best of intentions. Never has anarchy been so beautiful.

Mogwai- Happy Songs F(or) Happy People: Now I love Air, M83, and am a fan of Explosions in the Sky, yada yada yada, but Mogwai is the best of space rock. And Happy Songs is their masterpiece. Listening to this album driving the winding roads of the palouse with the sun and the win, and then Killing all the Flies bursts open...the face of God! You want a religious experiance? just sit and listen to this album, no drugs required. But I suppose they couldn't hurt.

Every Popular Album Pre-2000: Remember when the Emo kids came? Remember how much I fucking hated them? And now Scene is here, and all I can think about is "Where are the Emo kids? I miss them. They had values." This my relationship I have with current music. Remember Rage Against the Machine? Kid Rock? Smash Mouth? Bare naked Laddies? Beastie Boys? Matchbox 20? I either kinda liked or flatout hated any of these bands, and the radio useually was turned off of ignored when one of their songs came on. But fuck me now do I miss them. Beats fucking Jessica Simpson. Come back old shitty bands! You sucked less!

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