Monday, July 30, 2007

Escapist or Realist?

But first, a rant: I've done it again. I've bit off way more then I can chew. So far I'm forming an experimental (but very kickass) hardcore band, continuing my prints, re-dabbling in sculpture and commercial sculpture, working on a few movies, and the rest of school. Shit. I don't have the time or money for this right now.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. I've been thinking alot about the nature of the artistic community, and how the whole "underground" aspect has been fully integrated into everything else. And I don't know how to approach it in my upcoming career as an artist who (god willing) will be fully integrated into this mess. It's like the old Cake song; We're buying what they're selling. So you can never really "sell out". Infact, that term has become a misnomer. "Selling out" doesn't mean your selling your product to corps, "Selling out" means that your letting the corps control the direction of your art. Let's face it, unless we all plan to work at Barnes and Noble 50 hours a week and be an artist (like so many of the greats before us), we do expect for this to be profitable at some point. Wich, good for us, is extremely easy right now because the "underground" is more than happy to spend money on this shit. Say all you want about scene kids, but since their the first rebelious movement entirly centered on buying shit, they're going to make me rich.

Now, I feel bad for saying that. As much as i want to manipulate the little shits into giving me a whole ton of cash, that seems to betray...wll, everything I am. I'm more than smart enough to use the system to my full advantage, but I'd rather use that power for good, instead of evil. I hate the gallery, I hate Hot Topic, I hate Ameba, I hate it all. Their is a whole lot of hypocracy in this world of mind and i fucking hate it. I mean, literaly, people buy this stuff simply because it's not popular, you can sell things by simply saying this is what you shouldn't have. The people that grew up in the 60's and 70's are now the people in charge of this show, and no one knows how the "underground" works better than they do. They've seen it all, they've done it all, and now they're makeing a shit ton of cash by replicating this great era that we missed and we've fucking baught it all, hook line and sinker. It's Disneyland. The "underground" record store, the vinals, the collectable DVD's with avante-guard cover art, the "indie" movie the "indie" band, the "indie" anything (unless it was made in a garage with money out of their own pocket, it ain't fucking indie), the hip coffee place that kicks ass because it plays The Pixies- it's all just fucking Disneyland created to make us feel a part of something that we missed.

So, again, the question is what now? In order to change the system, you have to stand out, but in aroder to stand out, you have to part of the system. So how can we try and fix this crap? The only thing that comes to mind is that is has to be new, it has to be unlike anything before it, and it has to be loud but with a dance beat. I'm working on it.

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